Bespoke Diet Solutions for Medical Research 

At Mayfield Foods we have a unique capability to offer precise meal solutions for medical research trials. We have significant experience and capabilities enabling us to provide quality assured, bespoke diet solutions on a large scale, whilst maintaining the flexibility to work with you, at a very detailed level, to provide exactly the nutritional requirements of the study.  


We are proud to be the chosen supplier of one of the country's leading University's in the provision of 140,000 meals over 3 years to a target group of research participants of a double blind clinical trial


We offer a bespoke turn key solution for such projects including, but not limited, to the following :-

Data Management

We can provide a randomised file of participant codes linked to multiple diet plans, or work with a study generated randomisation file. Every meal provided to participants during the trial can be matched to full accurate nutritional data and provided in detail or in summary form for each participant.


We have a proven capability to provide intelligent online ordering websites, or apps, where participants select meals that are only visible relative to their prescribed diet plan from the randomisation file.

Food Development and Supply

We will develop meals that meet the exact requirements of the study that will always taste great and therefore maximising participant retention.

The meals can be be-spoked to achieve and exact amount of :-

  • Calories

  • Calories by Source (Fats, Protein, Carbohydrates)

  • Salt Levels

  • Saturated Fat Levels

  • Sugar Levels

  • Inclusion or exclusion of specific ingredients or food groups

  • Or anything else not included above

Food can be provided frozen, chilled or ambient and our current study includes provisions of all three categories

Delivery to Participant

We can deliver anywhere in mainland UK on a next day service with all packaging fully recyclable. Delivery can be to home, work, neighbour, friend, specified safe place or designated collection point. Our delivery solution additionally allows participants to track their package so that participation in a study has minimal impact on their daily routines.

project management


All contracts are implemented using professional management techniques based on Prince 2 Project Management principles. We will allocate a dedicated skilled project manager who, working with the owners, will demonstrate our unique capability to react very quickly to all challenges and deliver a perfect implementation everytime.

Customer Service and KPI's

We provide total transparency of our service excellence with regular KPI reports that measure all aspects of our service bespoke to the particular study.


We will also engage participants with on line surveys that measure satisfaction with our service and food, and additionally provide more granular feedback on every single meal in order that we can continually monitor and improve the range of meal options relative to the tastes of the particular group of participants


We offer a unique, flexible solution for the provision of bespoke diets for medical research built on :-

  • Flexibility to create food to the exact nutritional requirements

  • Food that participants will enjoy and will therefore be more likely to complete the study

  • Bespoke branding for each particular study with no obvious link to the provider of the food.

  • Provision of a turn key solution from ordering portal through to delivery, data reporting and customer service monitoring

  • Quality assurance from a professional business with 5/5 EHO ratings, full HACCP procedures throughout and management by the owners who have the passion and commitment to ensure the success of your research study.

If you have a research study you would like to discuss or would like to understand our capabilities in more detail contact John Hartley on 07765 221597 or

Mayfield Foods Ltd, 18 Sugarswell Business Park, Shenington, Oxfordshire, OX15 6HW           01295 680 999